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hello there

I'm Rebecca, Singapore's premier luxury companion, your private playmate and bespoke lover.

I am a curvy Asian brunette largely based in Singapore but occasionally available in multiple cities internationally for overnights, weekends, dinner dates and social companionship. It is my desire that each and every moment that we spend together to be cherished and special. 

A quick summary of me: An ardent fan of all things culture, a classically trained musician, a published writer and a young accomplished Singaporean beauty with brains who is often found traveling the world. The dynamic and consummate companion for all sorts of exciting plans in and out of the boudoir!

I highly encourage you to read the rest of my site in its entirety, if you like what you see here, you'll love what you get in person. This is only a mere glimpse into what I am like as a person and companion. If you're intrigued and would like to know more about me, please reach out.

After all, nothing risqué, nothing gained.

Physical details: 

22 years old | Bisexual | Portuguese-Chinese roots | 165cm(5ft 5") | 34C bust | Soft dark brown eyes | Natural Brunette curls

New photos added to my gallery, show some love!

Updated my calendar for my local and international whereabouts for the rest of 2019!

Accepting pre-screening forms all year round! 

discover the lady

A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles. 

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the experience

Redefining quality time. 

Throughout our time together, there would be nothing I would love more than to keep forging connections and building up our relationship. I take pride in being a professional yet fun-loving companion and confidant. I genuinely enjoy being your non-judgemental listening ear and making you smile and laugh.

Never underestimate the power of mutual chemistry. True intimacy and connections lie not in rumpled bed sheets, but rather, allowing ourselves to share a part of our world as we know it with another, however we choose.

Blending sensuality, grace, and the cerebral, I pride myself on being truly authentic and upfront about everything I do. I choose to be genuine, and I hope you choose the same too.

You will find that my companionship is unparalleled in Singapore. Read my testimonials that provide a sneak peek.

No matter how limited our time together may seem, it is our own little eternity. So take my hand, and let's create a new eternity together. 


my clientele

I prefer clients who are just as discerning and selective of their desired company - I do my best to ensure that we are compatible with each other during initial correspondence, and you will find me to be truly in a league of my own. I take pride in being extremely professional, taking privacy very seriously.

I am definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and I don't believe in crafting up personas to fit different preferences - If you like what you see here, you'll love me in person. I'm unapologetically and confidently myself, and those who truly adore me for me always come back for more... 

My clients are respectful, polite and generous people that I'm privileged to consider friends and lovers. With me, first impressions are forever and the first message makes or breaks the chance that we will have the privilege to meet each other. 

Though their hobbies and interests are diverse, they are all successful professionals who are selective and know what they want. They want the whole package of brains and beauty, and they recognise the value that I provide with my conduct, time, and companionship. Likewise, I do the same with them by making sure I do my very best to provide an unforgettable experience.


"I didn't discover curves, I only uncovered them." - Mae West

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I very much prefer longer dates in order to build our relationship in a more organic manner and have structured my rates as such. I am available for dating, social, and travel companionship. My favourite first dates are extended dinners!


"I think of GFE not as a list of “services” but as an attitude: warm, welcoming, affectionate, eager for mutual pleasure; Rebecca was the perfect companion in this regard... Thank you, Rebecca, for a wonderful weekend. Even though we are again 10,000 miles apart, I think of you fondly and hope that our paths will cross again."

Peter, July 2018

"A final flash of that stunning bottom, a kiss and a lingering hug, a sigh that says “too soon” and promises “again!”, then that smile and those eyes as the hotel door closes and the only thing left is the sweet smell of her on the disheveled bed, ghost of a handprint on the window, a tiny hole in my heart, already missing her, and a grin on my face for when we meet again."

MaxB, Feb 2018

"Rebecca is beautiful, casual, friendly and I felt immediately at ease in her company. Imagine all the great parts of having a hot girlfriend, that is what the time with her felt like. Conversation flowed easily as we paused to catch our breath -"

A, Jan 2018

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"Manners make the man."

Respect for boundaries:

  • Hygiene and safety is a priority for both parties. I will leave immediately if I feel unsafe at any point in time during our date. 
  • Forcing/Pressuring/Misleading me to do anything that compromises my health, wellbeing, and/or privacy, I will leave immediately without refunds. Examples include secretly filming/recording me and my belongings, unsafe activities, etc.
  • If our paths happen to cross in public, please behave as if we have never met before. I respect your privacy, please respect mine. Any attempt to obtain my information, harass, or stalk me online/offline will cause me a great deal of alarm and distress. Not only is it a breach of good faith, it is also a criminal offence
  • I get tested every 2-3 months as a sexually active and responsible adult, and so should you. It takes two!

Respect for time:

  • My remuneration should be placed within full view / handed over to me 10 minutes of us meeting. If we are first meeting in public, you can hand it to me discreetly in a gift bag. 
  • I do not engage in excessive conversation outside of a booking over any medium. 
  • In the event that you have to cut our date short due to your own external circumstances, the full rate still applies. (E.g., if you booked 4 hours but have to leave after 1 hr, full rate for 4 hours still applies) 
  • Should you cancel our date upon meeting me, a cancellation fee of $150(SGD) will be incurred to cover my transport and additional costs. (Please read my cancellation/refund policies for an elaboration.)
  • Deposits are compulsory, no exceptions unless explicitly granted by me in advance. Deposits give me the security I require to schedule you in, knowing that our time together will be honoured. 


let's meet!

"Everything in the world began with a yes." - Clarice Lispector

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in Writing

Read on if you'd like to know me better.

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