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First-timers: A definitive guide (Part one!)

Does one ever forget their first time?

I have to admit: Virgins have a very special place in my heart. I have always been very flattered whenever someone reaches out to me letting me know that they’re a virgin. Simply because I know no one ever forgets their first. Even if they don’t see me again, I know the memory will always live on, and that drives me to make sure I leave an impression. Kind of like a baby duck imprinting on the first thing it sees. It’s a great honour to be chosen, and a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. If you’re reading this, you probably fall into the first two categories, trying to read as much as you can to make sure you’re making an informed choice. Don’t worry, I got you! 🙂

This is a three-part series. Part One is for the virgins, Part Two is for people who are thinking of hiring sex workers for the first time, Part Three is for couples looking to explore a threesome! Stay tuned.

First time being intimate with someone

Society has made it very easy for people to feel insecure about limited sexual experience, even there’s nothing wrong with it at all. When the pressure gets too much to bear, booking me can be a very therapeutic experience where you don’t have to second guess everything in the often anxiety-inducing (maybe even desperation) pursuit to lose your virginity through conventional dating. For the girls, gays, and theys, it’s even more complicated. Trust me, I know. Especially in Singapore, where it’s really hard to explore queer sexuality openly, and LGBTQ+ bars and dating can be intimidating as well. As a bisexual woman, I offer to you a safe open space, and a soft womanly figure to explore.

When you book me to provide you with the girlfriend experience, we are both in mutual agreement that we know exactly what is going on and what the objective is. Don’t worry about what you look like either, style and superficial attractiveness is easily resolved, character isn’t.

Nothing about character is hereditary. Everyone, regardless of social background, financial status, race, or sex, enters the world with an equal opportunity to become a person of great or petty character. 

Michael Josephson

Booking a sex worker to orchestrate your very first intimate encounter is an admirable rite of passage for anyone. I think there’s something very empowering about taking matters into your own hands, and being very conscientious about making sure it’s something you want to go through with. No matter your reason for wanting to take the plunge, allow me to welcome and ease you into your new journey of sexuality! I’m here to provide an experience that’s not only pleasurable, but also comfortable and educational. The virgin bookings that I think of fondly have always been those that also allowed me to be nurturing, as the intimacy that results from it is always very pure and memorable to me.

A common misconception is that you would be “using my body”. That couldn’t be further from the truth! This is an exchange, the both of us have to participate in it meaningfully for it to be a great experience. Paying doesn’t take away from the wonderful feeling of a successful date with an escort once you’ve chosen the right person, hopefully it’s me!

If you feel like you’ll be shy or awkward, you can always tell me beforehand so that I know to be the one who initiates. I’ll always be mindful and check in on how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, whether you want to continue. All I ask is that you be truthful and understanding of the type of experience that I’m providing, we can go as slow or as fast as you’d like. There is no ego here, I’m here to focus on you since it’s your first time! I think it’s also very essential to be aware of the separation between the pornography you’ve viewed and what intimacy is like in real life. They are definitely not the same. Please do not arrive with a checklist of positions and things to do, that is very vexing. Slow down tiger, you’re probably biting off more than you can chew. The best part about seeing me is that you can always see me again, and again… plus, as we get to know each other better, these niche experiences and explorations become that much more meaningful.

I always suggest booking a minimum of 2h for your first time, so we can take the time to try different things, in order to gain a deeper insight into how you derive your pleasure. We can experiment with variations of sensations that you’ve only ever imagined, find sensitive spots, and learn something about yourself along the way. Who knows, if you learn fast enough, I can teach you a thing or two about learning how to please a woman.

On the practical side of things, I can also teach you to be more aware of sexual health practices. The mind takes people to wild places, and the stigma towards sex workers don’t help. Please don’t worry about contracting something from me, instead ask yourself why the thought of contracting something only pops up more often when sex workers are involved? I can assure you I am definitely more on the ball about my sexual health than pretty much anyone who isn’t a sex worker, which is another huge plus of hiring a professional like me for such an encounter. I get a full sexual health screening every 3 months, which I don’t think can be said for non-SWs. It’s my health too, and I take actionable steps to protect myself.

I hope this blog post I’ve written has given you some insight, and perhaps made you more confident in your choice. See you soon? 🙂

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