a little deeper

They say women who live passionate lives are inherently sexy. I feel like I live two of them.

An insatiable curiosity has led me to pursue a diverse variety of interests and hobbies. I am a voracious reader, and a classically trained pianist. You can find me planning my next getaway, slurping oysters, enjoying sushi omakase courses, frequenting my favourite museums, or nose deep in an e-book. Being able to constantly learn new things brings me joy, and I find that making new connections is one of the best ways to do it.

Eloquent and witty, I never run out of things to talk about. My thirst for books and observations of people all tend to satisfy an overwhelming desire to know, to understand, and to find an answer to a million questions. While my tastes can be sybaritic, I assure you my attitude and personality is anything but. I make it a point not to take myself too seriously! A mature, practical head on young shoulders, I complement my intellect with a sunshiny disposition and down to earth demeanour.

I don’t consider myself to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m more like a double shot of whiskey taken neat — somewhat of an acquired taste. If you like what you see online, you’ll love what you see offline. I have always demanded the best of life, and savoured it accordingly. Quality is always key, never quantity.