22 years old/Bisexual/Portuguese-Chinese roots/165cm(5ft 5")/34C bust/Soft dark brown eyes/Brunette

Erudite, coupled with soft curves and a bright smile. You will find that I am a witty, affable and mature soul with many passions. I stay true to myself - I have no filter except tact - If you like what you see online, you’ll love me offline. Refreshingly bubbly and easygoing during dates, I thoroughly enjoy and take pride in building up intimacy and openness during our time together.

In my regular life, I am an ambitious and accomplished honours undergraduate attending one of the top local universities. I have an elite academic background, attending prestigious schools at every educational level. Growing up, I dabbled in sports, namely swimming, fencing and squash, which has kept my figure looking very shapely and full. 

On top of being a full-time undergraduate, I'm a classically trained musician pursuing a separate diploma in performance. You can also find me in museums, a café planning my next getaway, or buried nose-deep in a book(recent e-book convert). With the right company, I almost never run out things to talk about, and I am highly expressive and articulate. I have a restless and insatiable mind; I love being intellectually stimulated and firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process. 

Amongst my peers, I am described as having a mature head on young shoulders. I find great satisfaction in planning ahead and staying organised. Appearance wise, I would describe my typical look as fresh-faced geeky prettiness, but I can definitely pull off the sultry smouldering look if requested. 

I won't lie, my tastes usually run along the sybaritic, but I can promise you that I am still very down-to-earth and easygoing. I am privileged that I do not pursue this secret double life as an elite escort out of necessity, but rather, out of curiosity, desire, and ambition.

I often show up to dates with very light makeup or none at all. My style of dressing is casual chic, never overtly sexy and always appropriate for the occasion. I also accept outfit requests within reason. Like a breath of fresh air, I hope that you will find yourself rejuvenated after, and excited for our next date together. I know I will be! 

You will find that my services as a discreet bona fide companion to be truly unparalleled - You only have to read my testimonials to get a glimpse.

I love to spend my spare time voraciously reading and writing. I am the only Singaporean escort on Twitter(be sure to follow!), you can find me interacting with people in real-time there. I'm also on something else really cool called SWitterI am also a published writer and you can read my written works + interviews here

All my photos are recently updated and taken throughout 2016-2018. They have been arranged in chronological order, so my latest shoots are at the top.

Some of my favourite things

In no particular order: Japanese whiskey and gins, white roses, pink peonies, the anticipation of traveling to a new destination, Malcolm Gladwell's books, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, cheese platters, the afterglow from a great workout, classy rose/white gold jewellery, feeling freshly laundered sheets on my body, and the exhilaration of a first kiss.