The importance of screening your dates

Many everyday women have their own way of screening a potential date. Sadly, we still live in a society that continues to make women feel unsafe and guarded, and this is seen when we hear of women getting date-raped, or assaulted by their dates. The list goes on and on. No matter what our own screening methods are, it all boils down to our main concerns: Safety and efficiency.

Here is my take on why screening is one of the most important things any woman can do to protect herself and prevent time from being wasted.


I've lost count of the number of times my parents have warned me, not to go out too late, or always find out as much information as possible about the person you're going out with. At that point in time, I would just roll my eyes and tell them, "Everything's fine!" 

Looking back, I totally understand why they would feel that way and "nag" at me about this. Growing up as a young female, I have become more aware that the world is a dangerous place, and we live in a world where women are still unable to live as freely as men. We cannot go out without worrying that someone is lurking in the shadows, ready to take advantage of our physical vulnerability. So many women carry their keys between their fingers, ready to fight off anyone who might assault us. So many women grip their phones, ready to call for help if the need arises. There have been so many cases of rape, sexual assault, robbery, murders, stalking, among other crimes, directed at women throughout history. If it was a safe place for women, why are items like pepper spray and rape whistles readily available for women to use? 

Part of my job as a social escort involves meeting numerous new people in various settings. It is even more important that I develop a keen sense of sussing out potential clients who might pose a threat to my safety. I do think, it's best to just listen to your instincts. I think there are several red flags that a woman looks out for when she is interacting with someone she is about to spend a significant amount of time with. Once alarm bells start ringing in my head, however faint, it is almost a given that I will reject your booking, like any other woman who has any reason to believe that she should absolutely not follow through with this blind date. 


It's incredibly disrespectful to waste someone's time, especially on a date. The common feature in what I would classify as my worst dates is the lack of respect for time. In order for me to fully express and elaborate what it means to not respect someone's time on a date, you first have to understand the various stages of a date. And they are: Arranging, confirming, and lastly, attending. 

Arranging: I think it is common knowledge that individuals have individual schedules, pre-arranged or otherwise. It would be unreasonable for one to arrange for a date on the same day you correspond with each other. Why? This date is very likely to disrupt the flow of events that one has already planned for the day. Is the date REALLY that important compared to other social events that were planned in advance? Most of the time, unless it is a legitimate emergency, I don't think so. Respecting someone's time is to arrange dates in advance. It will always be appreciated. And rewarded ;-) 

Confirming: Once a date has been agreed upon, it would be polite to be able to confirm the meeting to give a sense of security to your date. My time is precious, and I plan for it to be spent happily on a date with a lovely person I look forward to meeting. To err is human, we all forget things, and it is polite to remind ourselves to not accidentally forget a date, to avoid hurting feelings and wasting time! Imagine if the other person made the trip down to the arranged venue and was already waiting for you, only to end up wasting their time waiting, and eventually find out that you are not even going to show up.

 Attending: Don't be stupid and not show up. Then what's the point of arranging a date if you don't intend to meet? The poor person will be left waiting feeling cheated. 

Asking the right questions and engaging in some conversation with potential clients help me determine which guys are worth spending the effort to dress up for and spend time with. They also help to weed out the jerks that are there simply to waste your time. 

Happy screening!