Why Sammyboyforum is the worst

*Updated 16 August 2016* Please note that I am not against tasteful and classy reviews on other websites, which do exist. I am only against the review sites in Singapore. 

There are many sex worker review sites in the world where hobbyists/punters interact with each other through forums, but arguably, the most prominent one in Singapore would be Sammyboyforum.com. The views expressed on this website are my own. I hate Sammyboyforum and other  review websites like this simply because the way that they review a sex worker is similar to how they would rate a piece of meat. I find it dehumanising and downright disgusting. 

For the ones who get straight to the point for their reviews, they start by giving ratings (out of 10). A good example would go like this. This is from user unknow_777, who is reviewing this sex worker who goes by the name of ConfidentMi.

Looks: 6.5/10 average milf
Body: 7/10
Boob: 4/10 b cup, not for boobs lover.
Buttock: 8/10 nice for doggie
BBBJ: 8/10
GFE: 100% very chatty milf
FJ: 8.5/10 wet and tight
Moan: 8.5/10 natural
Painting: 8/10 Super wet. (BTW Painting refers to cunninglingus)
Attitude: 9/10! 

I find such reviews to be utterly useless simply because of its subjectivity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a 10 in your eyes may not a 10 in someone else's eyes. If you give a girl a low rating simply because she's not the type you're attracted to, you might hurt her business. Which is grossly unfair. Such details of your meeting do affect the choices that other people make when it comes to hiring an escort. Granted, looks do play a part when it comes to choosing an escort that you want to hire, but seriously? What's the damn point of rating the body parts? Again, subjectivity. 

Most, if not all, are very particular about BBBJ. It's like a "must-have" service, otherwise they will give you a bad review. This indirectly creates pressure on the girls to provide that service just to avoid getting a bad review and to avoid ruining their professional reputation. Giving a BBBJ is incredibly unsafe because you can still get STDs as long as there is direct contact with genital areas. This makes it very unsafe for both the escort and the client, all for the sake of the client's pleasure, which is just selfish. 

For those who prefer to use reviews as their avenue of creativity and expression, they will usually write a "review", or "field report" containing the most graphic (and possibly highly exaggerated)details about the whole encounter. They basically want to show off their "sexual prowess" and stroke their own fragile ego and not genuinely reviewing the girl (Like perhaps how she was advertised, etc... But then again, girls are not advertised very well in Singaporean agencies). I don't know what is more pathetic, the fact that they have to deliberately brag about their "bedroom skills" or the terrible English that they use?? 

 I have copied and pasted a review made by user 2228sean. (it is also the featured picture of this blog post) He reviewed an escort who goes by the user Confidentmi

"Met up with her check into hotel, sis is friendly and ice broke in no time. Action starts with some easy teasing and fore play. And serious business starts when it's time I work my way down south..... sis was super horny and hungry for her pussy to be licked, she was like OMG wtf once I started to worked on her lovely pussy. Her moaning was sexy with her body trembling, and she was super wet in no time.continued licking and fingering for the next 10mims as it was such a turn on for me to see this hungry gal shivering and kicking all over...before I think it's time to get down to some serious pounding in order to fill her hunger.

Alright guys u know what? Hungryme's pussy was damn tight,I was surprised,shocked and felt like cumming in just a few strokes. So no choice I gotta take it slow and steady before finishing off in the last few fast and heavy pounding... lol

Finally before sending sis back, I got to know from her that her last sex was actually three weeks back. Which explains why she's so hungry, horny and tight.

Ladies starting from 35-40s sure is at their most horny stage and that's when they know how to enjoyed sex the most....

A humble fr, Pls pardon me if I'm not good. My first time writing a fr for our brothers here.

Thanks sis for the great time spent together, hope I did brought you to heaven yesterday... lol

Will look forward to meeting you again hungry sis..."

This is just one of the many examples that you will tend to find on sammyboyforum. Beyond butchering the English language, I find it distasteful that such graphic and crude details are being published in public. A human, a fellow individual, has now been reduced what she does or does not do. Reduced to the utility of her body parts.

This is the reason why I refuse to advertise myself on such forums, because I do not need to submit myself to such objectification for potential clients to want to book me. Hobbyists claim that posting such "impartial" reviews will "help my business" because they are apparently a big deal on such sites. They also claim that they are helping their "brothers" out there who "want to play" and "get their moneys worth"(I'm just following their writing style) and pretending they are upholding "consumer rights". These "brothers" who want to "get their moneys worth" are worthless clients anyway. The last time I checked, the CPTFA & Lemon Law in Singapore doesn't apply to personalised services. Isn't it amazing how escorts are actually real, living, breathing, human beings and not products? Who knew.........

My website, blog and Twitter filled with my own writing, my opinions and my personality is good enough. I do not "need" to rely on your crass reviews to advertise ~*my*~ business. Please do not serve me any bullshit on how review systems are mutually beneficial for anyone in this industry. Only selfish men continue to perpetuate this myth about review systems. There is no real benefit for me, or any other SW for that matter. The men(especially the "established reviewers") who peruse these review sites benefit because they get to maintain a rigged sense of superiority over the SWs, because they now possess the ability to threaten to write bad reviews in their attempt to extort services beyond the SW's boundaries, knowing very well that it could very possibly hurt the SW's reputation and her income. The owner of the site benefits because stupid and ignorant clowns like these "brothers" who provide traffic and ad revenue to the site. 

This further reinforces the objectification of women that is already all around us in our everyday lives, but even more so on such disgusting forums. It goes against respecting women as individuals, and as equals.