Pictures are finally up!

Just a little short update:

I'm so happy that I finally have new pictures up on my site! Incredibly pleased with how they turned out. It was a lot of fun doing the photoshoot, my photographers were friendly and put me at ease. It was my first photoshoot ever, and I already had in mind what I wanted my photos to portray. 

I didn't want to have pictures that look too manicured, but at the same time I wanted the pictures to draw you in as you examine the photos a little more closely. I wanted the photos to be as realistic as possible, and the photographers certainly helped. They basically told me to lie down on the bed, and roll and crawl around. In some photos I am actually laughing and smiling because they kept on making me laugh, but you can't see them because my hair is covering my face. I love the shots where the rays of sun are hitting my body as I slowly strip myself of the see through lingerie I am wearing, they are possibly my favourites. There are a few candids there as well, mostly the blurry ones. I think they are the most beautiful because it was captured in the moment.

I was pretty insecure about my body but the photographers were very talented and knew what they were doing. And the whole photoshoot left me feeling with a strange sense of peace. Like I had finally come to peace with my own body image. Never have I felt more confident and ready to kick ass!

Some clients have told me that the pictures look rather artistic, and has some aesthetic to it, rather than the typical super manicured and sharp pictures that you see on other escorts' websites, where you can tell that there was a lot of posing and direction required in order for the photographer to capture the shots.

My favourite comment coming from one of my gentlemen: "I can feel the curves already". More proof that I should just love and accept myself the way I am. :-)