The conundrum with personal conversations

Part of what I do is to forge connections and make someone feel good and confident, and I love what I do with my clients. My lovely clients and I have a great relationship and we share many things. I think it's great that they feel comfortable enough and trust me enough to tell me about their lives when we are not together in person, but I think sometimes, there's a bit of a boundary that is often crossed. It is when the client starts to contact me for other reasons beyond arranging bookings.

Casual conversation is fine, but the kind of personal conversations that I am referring to are those that go on for at least 1 hour of back to back texts/emails. Content of such texts/emails is pretty harmless, I am flattered that they want to know more about me and my life, but there is a limit. 

I am in an uncomfortable situation whenever a client starts to engage in lengthy conversation. I am obliged to reply because it'll be rude of me to simply ignore them, but I am also obliged to fulfil my everyday responsibilities as a student. I am not doing this full-time, I am often not glued to my phone/laptop. More often than not, I'm being the studious student that I am or probably reading/practicing on the piano/working out :-) 

Texting/emailing/admin work in general often takes up a great deal of my time. I'm first and foremost a full-time student, and a part-time escort. Imagine if all my clients ask me about my day, and how I'm doing, or what my opinions are on certain issues! I would never get anything done in my personal life if I have to text/email all of them back!

I think some clients don't understand that they are only paying for my time and companionship when I am physically with them. If you've booked an hour, you're only paying for that 1 hour that I am in your physical presence. There's no package bundle of back and forth emails or texts where I pour my emotions and my life out to you and vice versa. I work independently and handle all the emails I receive, and I prioritise replying to new booking/enquiry emails. I do not wish to engage in too much personal conversation, not because I don't want to, I am just busy fulfilling my other duties and obligations, be it work or personal. I can assure you, I am ALWAYS very excited to meet my clients, whether they are regulars or newbies. It's what makes me love doing what I do! 

If you are a regular client who books longer sessions, you will definitely have some leeway and I will happily grant them to you. For new clients, obviously, several emails will be passed back and forth so that we can arrange our first meeting and we can get a feel of how each party communicates to the other. Once our plans are all confirmed, we will exchange numbers and I will only text you a few days before and/or on the same day that we are supposed to meet so that we can reconfirm all our details. To maintain discretion for the client, I will also refrain from texting you too much unless absolutely necessary. 

As stated on my site, I require a contactable phone number upon the confirmation of our date. It's not to "get closer to you personally". During the moments leading up to our meeting, the need for fast responses become more urgent, because neither of us wishes to be late and delay the whole date as a result. I can easily text you or call you and find you immediately. Texting is just a more immediate way to communicate especially when on the go.

Thankfully, most of my clients are very respectful and understanding. Most don't text me just to chat because they are busy with their hectic careers, but to those who do text me for personal conversation - by telling me all about your day and being interested in mine, I guess it just means we have a ton of chemistry and that I do fit the part of your girlfriend very realistically when we are interacting in real life ;-P This doesn't guarantee a meaningful reply from me though. 

Once again, I implore clients to take a step back and remember: I really hate to remind you that I am not your actual girlfriend over text/email. I genuinely enjoy all the company that I've gotten to know over these 2 months, you are the reason why I enjoy this job. If you'd like to spend more time with me, just make a longer booking! If you would like to stay updated on my latest shenanigans, I have my newsletter and Twitter account which you can follow.