Truly, madly, deeply...

I want to know you. Tell me about yourself. No, don't just tell me about what you do and how much you earn.  

Tell me about the first time you learnt how to ride a bike. Did you fall? Did you cry? Tell me what you've been through. Tell me the stories of your life that are the most memorable and beautiful and have forged who you are today. What is your biggest takeaway from these stories? 

What makes you tick? What makes you feel warm and tingly inside? What are your passions. I ache to know. Tell me your passions, I want to see your face light up as you talk about the things that bring a smile to your face and a sparkle in your eyes. Nothing would be more delightful. 

What have you discovered about yourself after all your years of soul-searching? Tell me. I want to explore every crevice of your soul. Tell me all this as you lazily trace my skin with your fingers. I'm all ears. 

Who are the people you respect? What values do you appreciate? Tell me all this as you gently run your lips over me. Watch me quiver. 

Lastly, tell me all your fantasies. Tell me all this as your hands start to wander. Murmur them into my ear. Whisper them to me, watch me tingle with excitement.

I long for adventure, I crave for it, and we are all universes waiting to be explored. It just takes the right explorer to do just that. Let me be the one for you.