The deal with deposits

Recently, I have been reading(and partaking in) many Twitter debates on the sometimes controversial nature of deposits. Most independent escorts that I have seen often take deposits on a case by case basis, and some insist on taking deposits before meeting clients. I love deposits because they give me a sense of security. 

Why? Deposits are great because you get to weed out those people who are just here to waste your time, as well as ensure that the client enquiring about you is genuine about meeting you. Deposits are a preventive measure against time wasters who find it amusing to make fake bookings, knowing very well that this affects your income. With deposits, it definitely secures your date, meaning that the escort will definitely be happy to turn away clients who wish to book your slot. 

There is a considerable amount of effort put in place before meeting a client. We have to schedule time to get ready and doll up, as well as make the journey to the arranged venue. I have to balance out my time in my personal life to make time to show up for the arranged date. I have been stood up once by a guy who booked an outcall session but did not show up. I had to pay for transport, wasted my time getting ready, wasted my time waiting around, and wasted my time trying to contact him.  It was just incredibly infuriating, and I had wasted all this time that I could have used to do something else.  

Deposits put my mind(and schedule) at ease, and your willingness and cooperativeness on this aspect helps to build up trust and rapport between me and you, which is a lovely prelude to the fantastic time we will spend together. 

Some potential clients do not want to give deposits in advance because they are worried that this is all one big scam, and that the escort would simply run away with the money, cheating the client. While this may be true in many credit for sex scams in Singapore, I feel that they need to understand that PROFESSIONAL ESCORTS WHO HAVE A MODICUM OF INTEGRITY DO NOT EVEN OPERATE LIKE THESE SCAMS. 

This was from the link above:

Scammers convince male victims to buy purchase cards, online shopping credits or Money Line (MOL) in exchange for a meet-up, date, massage, sexual or escort services. In some cases, scammers insist that victims pay them through purchase cards bought at AXS machines. Victims are asked to send the scammers pictures of receipts along with the PIN to claim the credits.

In other cases, victims are asked to remit money overseas, often through Western Union, or buy MOL points from 7-Eleven stores. When payments are made, victims may receive calls demanding for additional payments. The common excuses are: administration fees, protection fees to ensure the safety of the "girl", or extra money to outbid other potential clients.

Scammers normally befriend their victims through social media platforms such as Wechat, iAround or Facebook and will communicate with them through online messaging and phone calls.

To avoid becoming a victim of this scam:

  • Be wary of strangers who befriend you online and those who offer escort, massage or sexual services on social media
  • Do not provide personal details about yourself when engaging with other internet users
  • Do not share your payment receipts containing details such as PINs with anyone


What I find absurd: (Most) Escorts do not go out of the way to befriend clients over social media. Even though I have a Twitter account, I do not use it to solicit for business(it is illegal to solicit in public in Singapore, I assume the Internet counts as a public space too), my main purpose is to use it to befriend other escorts from other parts of the world, and occasionally replying to enquiries in my Twitter DMs that are few and far between.

As escorts, most of us just set up our own website and make use of several advertising platforms, and believe me, escort advertisements are EXPENSIVE. We just want to do our job, and do it well. Our income relies on our professional reputation. Why would we be paying so much and putting in so much effort into our sites and marketing just to cheat someone for just a small portion of what we could actually earn just by being professional and doing our job right? It makes no sense. I'm the one with a website, an active Twitter account, ads on multiple platforms - and I'm the suspicious one? 

A tweet from a fellow escort comes to mind, and I quote Sophia Duvall's tweet, "Clients who say: "but she could run off w/my money": are YOU tempted to ruin YOUR professional reputation to run off w/a few hundred quid?" 

The only way I will even talk to you about setting up a date is when YOU reach out to ME via my booking form. That's pretty much it. I won't make the first move(Not that I could make the first move to begin with anyway). On my site, I have made it very clear that on a case-by-case basis I will require deposits, and have even made people acknowledge this term in my contact form before they can submit the form to make a booking with me. 

If you look at my site, the content is consistent and a lot of effort has been put in to make sure the terms for screening and meeting are communicated as clearly as possible. We don't even have to convince you to pay deposits - it is clear that deposits ARE required. The terms are there for a reason. If you don't feel comfortable with the terms, no one is forcing you to reach out and make a booking. If you still don't think I am trustworthy enough, there's nothing I can, will, and/or want to do to convince you to believe otherwise. Also, when it comes to trust - why would you even want to meet a person that you felt you couldn't trust? 

This question brings me back to the men who fell prey to such credit-for-sex scams. 

While getting scammed is unfortunate, the lack of vigilance of the victims' part is worrying as well. I don't think that the men who fell victim to such scams deserved it, but SURELY they must have felt something was amiss the moment all these requests for deposits in the form of bank transfers/overseas gift cards/overseas remittances started to appear AFTER they contacted the "girls"? That is clearly negligent(one might even say fraudulent) misrepresentation. Does this suspicious behaviour NOT cause alarm?! Clearly these guys still felt that such behaviour was still trustworthy and proceeded to pay the deposits. To that, I quote DJ Khaled, "Congratulations, you played yourself." 

In conclusion: 

1. Escorts just really, really, REALLY HATE time wasters. Deposits help us prevent meeting more of such people in order for us to focus more on the sincere clients deserving of our exceptional service. Your time is precious, so is ours. 

2. As an independent escort, I just want to do my job properly and work within the terms I have set for myself and my clients. Please respect what I choose to do. 

3. If you feel like you can't trust a particular escort for whatever reason or if you feel you are not willing to accept her working terms, don't book and/or ask the escort to make changes to the way she works just to accommodate you.