First-timers: A definitive guide

So.... The moment has come. You've seen enough of my pictures, you've read very briefly through my website, and now you've made the decision to see me. You fill up my booking form, and await my response. 

You're nervous, you're worried, a million questions run through your mind. As most of you know, I've always endeavoured to answer your questions as patiently as possible, as soon as my time permits. I think I've had my fair share of "first-time clients" in order to come up with something like an FAQ 2.0. 

If you fall into any of the below categories, this post is for you! 

  1. Virgin clients (completely new to any sort of physical intimacy) 
  2. Newbie clients (completely new to hiring escorts) 
  3. New clients (new to seeing me) 

Q: Can you walk me through what a GFE date with you is like? 

A: Everyone is different, naturally everyone reacts differently to my GFE. If you're trying to fish out some sort of explicit acts from me, you've asked the wrong girl. I don't have a "set menu" of services. Nothing on my site implies any sort of specific activity that will be done, and I certainly won't be surprised if you were asking this question because you were trying to jerk off to my answer(I know this happens!). Make an informed decision based off my content and how you react to it.

I suppose, if you want an answer that directly answers this question, my GFE is just..... me being me. You can also look at my Interests/Date Ideas page if you want to know more about what a fantastic date with me would be like if you include what's in them! ;) 

Q: I have a particular kink that I'd like to explore with you, but I'm not sure if you offer it. 

A: While I do not advertise myself as a kink provider, I do have experience with various kinks both in my personal life and as Rebecca. I don't really wish to specify any particular kink as my experiences have been incredibly varied, but I am more than happy to read your kink requests and I'll let you know promptly whether I'll be able to fulfil them, and/or perhaps recommend a fellow colleague who I think might be a better fit for you! 

Alternatively, you can book a regular GFE date with me, and we can discuss future kinkier encounters for next time as some familiarity is preferred!

Q: I'm very self-conscious about my body. I'm worried that you will not like me, or pretend that you like me because I am paying you to do that. 

A: Please don't ever feel that way! I have seen so many clients of different shapes and sizes, looks truly DO NOT MATTER. I know society is cruel, we get judged all the time for our appearances and it's exhausting. I want you to know that I will not do that, I will only judge you by your character and behaviour. 

You are paying me for my time because you respect what I do as a professional companion, and professional I will be. As long as you are respectful, kind, well-mannered, and super hygienic, I already like you, I genuinely could not care less about what you look like. We are going to get along just fine. :) 

Q: I'm worried that I will not be able to physically please you. 

A: First of all, chill.

Whether it's your first time experiencing intimacy or not, it's still your first time with ME. You have never met me before, I have never met you before, the possibility of mutual pleasure is not going to be 100%. That's completely fine. I fully relate to pleasing others being a source of great pleasure, because that is what I enjoy as well. However, I implore you to be realistic about this. Particularly for virgins.

No one ever looks back on their first time and go "that was the best time I ever had". I sure didn't. 

But you know what? It can only go uphill from your first time. You get to figure out what exactly turns you on and off, and how exactly to bring the greatest pleasure to yourself. Practice makes perfect and you will just keep getting better and better! 

Q: Were you faking it with me? 

A: Just like you, I am a human, there's so many things that could affect my ability to orgasm naturally and genuinely. Now I have to decide whether I should stroke your ego, or whether I should be honest, and that is not always the easiest decision because I don't want to upset anyone. How about we just avoid this whole awkward situation by not asking questions you don't want the answer to? Maybe I have faked it, maybe I have not. Either way, you'll never know, cause I'm a professional ;) If you do explicitly request for brutal honesty though, then I will never lie to you. I will teach you to improve for the next time we meet! 

Now for some situations I've been through. I'm hoping that these personal situations would aid in guiding newbies to being great fantastic clients! 

Situation: An email thread resulting in about 30 odd back and forth emails answering questions one by one.

Look...... Just type everything out in one email. Please. PLEASE. I get that you have many burning questions as a first-time client, but please refrain from essentially spamming me with questions.

Focus, think about your questions, put them in ONE well thought out email. Not only does this makes things less cluttered, it also ensures that I don't miss any questions or details. It also gives me a better impression of you, that you are someone who has put in ample consideration and respect of my time, instead of sending numerous emails/DMs/messages anytime you feel like it. I don't treat you trivially, I only ask that you extend the same courtesy to me as I you. 

Situation: I have not replied to your last sent message within a 24-48 hour window, and then I get a follow up message from you along the lines of "Why haven't I heard back from you yet?" 

As stated on my website, I endeavour to reply to all emails, enquiries and messages within 24-48 hours. Why 24-48 hours? Mostly it's because I have a life. I could be studying, be with another client, sleeping, amongst a myriad of other activities that a functioning person living an actual life would do. 

Sending a message like that also speaks volumes about your attitude. I've only had messages like that from people who genuinely believed that their message was so important that I should drop everything I was doing when I received their message and reply them immediately. It's not an impression you want to make on me. It's a great way to make me lose my patience with you very very quickly. 

However, if I do exceed that 24-48 hour window..... Feel free to send me as many reminder messages as you like, it's only fair! 

Situation: Your nervousness about meeting me makes you want to ensure things go exactly the way you want, and you send me very specific stuff, from my outfit, to my behaviour, to the sequence of how you want our date to go. Basically you start micromanaging me. 

My pet peeve! I'm all for planning roleplays and preparing for logistics, but not being micromanaged. I will just cancel our date and not meet you at all, and I have done so, because clearly there is no trust in my professionalism to make our time together wonderful. If you cannot tell whether I will be able to satisfy you after reading through everything I have written about myself in my website, then I highly doubt that meeting face to face would be any different. 

So there you have it, this post is really different from the typical stuff I usually tend to veer towards, but I thought it would be a great guide for first-timers! My schedule is easing up slowly but surely over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more writing!