Media Enquiries

Over the past year and a half, I have been getting interview requests from time to time and I've decided that it is time to make it a little easier for journalists and other media outlets to contact me! 

The reason why I'm open to being interviewed is because I would like to bring more exposure to this job and this industry. 

I would love for my profession to be discussed in a more open manner, in a bid to reduce the stigma against what I do. I want more people to see the all-roundedness of being a sex worker, viewing us as the humans we are, and having more respect for the industry and people in it. My aim is to inform, educate and bust myths about sex work. While I cannot speak for everyone, representation in some forms for the sex work industry is important in order for a dignified and open dialogue to be started. 

Discretion is still a huge part of what I do as an exclusive social escort in Singapore. While I am unable to answer questions that reveal personal information about myself or my clients, feel free to ask me about almost any other topic, like sex (you can be risqué! Sex positivity is a huge things for me), kink, the sex work industry(specifically escorting and sugaring in Singapore), relationships, men, women, couples, awkward situations, and anything else you can think of! 

I would also encourage you to check my FAQ first just in case I've already answered some of your questions beforehand :) 

If you would like to take photos of me for ownership and copyright purposes, I ask respectfully that you do not take any photos that include my face as I have gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. I am also more than happy to direct you to my photographer to seek approval on the use of their photos. 

You can reach out to me on my dedicated email for all press-related enquiries at: