+ Do you have a preferred type of client?

I don't discriminate against anything but manners.

Demographic-wise, I prefer clients above the age of 21.

I always look forward to seeing clients who don't emphasise on particular services(all those annoying acronyms!). I find "menu-style" services to be uncharacteristic of me and even restricting. For clients who prefer to see a more service menu oriented provider, I am more than happy to refer you to someone else.

+ How can I trust that you are familiar with real security and discretion?

I am writing up a blog post soon, detailing what I encourage clients to do to work with me keeping each other's information and correspondence private and encrypted.

Discretion and confidentiality is at the core of what I do as a professional escort. Everything I do adds up to better security for you and me. Most importantly, discretion is also a 2-way street. Due diligence is also expected from my clients! :)

+ What do you study/What is your major?

I'd prefer not to reveal it, but you can always guess!

+ How busy are you in your everyday life?

I am a full-time honours student, and on top of that, I manage and actively participate in multiple student clubs. I also have family in different parts of the world that I visit yearly. This takes up a huge chunk of time. I definitely do not think I am exclusive in a snobby way, but I am definitely a very very busy lady so I appreciate people who can appreciate my love for efficiency and time optimisation.

I also personally think that confirming dates in advance(and allowing them to comfortably schedule you in) is just a form of good manners as there is really no better way to show just how much you respect someone else's time.

+ I'd like to see your face before I make my decision to see you or not.

My face is hidden because I choose to live my life privately. Doing this also protects my clients' privacy when we are out in public together. Don't worry, the face isn't blurred in real life :)

I'm also verified on numerous escort directories. I think if I'm the one who has a website, tons of professional photos as well as selfies, an active social media presence, I don't need more proof of being verifiable. If you insist on seeing my face, then it is clear that we are not compatible.

+ What are your do's and don'ts?

I think it will be a very long list if I state what are my do's, because I'm very adventurous to try new things, my don'ts can be summarised succinctly in one sentence:

Anything that I deem to be putting my personal health and safety at risk to disease, physical and/or emotional/psychological harm.

I reserve the right to reject a client's request/booking for any reason whatsoever, and I am not obliged to offer you any explanation for it either, unless politely requested to do so. I also reserve the right to leave at any point of time during the date if I do not feel safe.

+ How can I show my appreciation?

Simply being a respectful, considerate and polite gentleman is enough to make me feel happy. For a more tangible token, I have a non-exhaustive wishlist available for you to refer to as a guide. Such gifts are a bonus and never an obligation. It makes me blush knowing that someone has taken the time out to choose something with the intention to spoil me!

+ Do you travel to other countries to tour?

It's in the works! I'd love to make mischief in major cities all over the world one day :) When I have plans, I will be announcing them on my Twitter account and accept only pre-booked dates. I do encourage you to fill in my pre-screening form and indicate your base city, so that it will prompt me to be more enticed with the prospect of visiting your city. Alternatively, fill up my contact form and we can discuss a fly-me-to-you.

+ I'd like to take things slow and more at a non-commital level. What are my options?

Yes, of course! I have a more casual option with adjusted rates.

Please see Prelude on my rates page.

Dinner dates are a great weakness, enjoying good food and conversation is the most delicious starter to our time together. For a list of ideas on where to bring me, check out my interests page! And you will forever be imprinted in my memory.

+ Why did you pursue this? How long have you been in this industry?

In my opinion, there is also no better time to leverage on my youth, beauty and the social graces I have been equipped with since childhood.

I'm a lover of intimacy, being in good company, and being good company. This allows me to thrive very well in this vocation. It has given me the best of multiple worlds - new people, new experiences, pursuing personal dreams, and self-improvement, to say the least.

I entered this industry a few months after turning 18, starting out as a sugar baby. You can read a bit more in my web interview here. I was in and out of this industry very sporadically until I decided to "get serious" and pursue escorting independently starting late February 2016.

+ Would you be keen to be in a more long-tern arrangement?

Of course! This option would only be available for repeated clients as the mutual rapport would have been built by the time such a discussion arises. Check it out under "Tailor-made".

+ I'm an aspiring escort/sugar baby and I'm seeking mentorship after reading your articles etc.... Can I have some advice?

My best advice to you would be to take advantage of the plethora of free information available online. Should you still require mentorship, there are many others who provide such services. Requests like these that are sent to me will unfortunately go ignored.