Private Gallery Access

For $400/year, you can be granted password access to my curated private content. These would include exclusive and/or archived photos, anecdotes, and other exclusive bits that I choose to share. This is updated monthly. All content produced is tasteful, classy, and intimate – I’m a companion, not a porn star. This is meant to be an attractive intermediary between my public channels and seeing me face to face. 

Lifetime access for the first 50 people for this ever-developing library, all other members will have annual access. Please enquire! 🙂


FAQ & Interview

Get to know me better, Q&A style! As for the rest, well, you'll have to find out in person.

Are you real?


Schrödinger’s date: The phenomenon where Rebecca could be real or not real, but the only way to find out is to book her. Do you want to go on a real or not-real date? I’ve got a website, professional photos, selfies, ads, active social media accounts, media interviews and countless reviews. I’ve done enough verification. It’s your turn.

I want to make a good first impression. Any tips?

Bribery is very effective. 

On a serious note, just read my thoughtfully designed website thoroughly. Be respectful, open, and reliable.

Even more important: Continue to keep up that impression with consistency.

Who are your favourite clients?

I find that I vibe well with people who truly appreciate and respect how I conduct myself, and admire my business savvy. They’re also more concerned with just having a good time overall rather than trying to tick off a checklist. Straightforward and easy folks who make planning dates very easy and exciting. The ones who are very happy remaining inside of our little bubble of a relationship. Of course, gifts are always nice, as I curate my wishlist to maximise joy and I love being reminded of the gifter when I use the gifts that I receive. 

What are your interests / What brings you joy and pleasure?

Mind: Curiosity drives me. I’m always reading or learning about something new. Ask me about my current read! I tend to lean towards non-fiction, covering topics like current affairs, finance, economics, psychology, human behaviour, tech, and sexuality. On the rare occasion that I pick up a fiction book, it’s almost always thriller or detective titles. I love watching documentaries and films of all genres.


Body: I keep myself trim and fit with regular gym sessions, I enjoy the sore feeling of a good workout, followed by intense stretches (regaining my flexibility after many sports injuries!). Yoga has helped me immensely. I enjoy long brisk walks, swims, and squash games. I used to fence! I love experimenting with food. Restaurant and bar-hopping is fun! Slurping oysters, caviar, uni. Wine pairings. Bespoke bars are my weakness. Shoe fetish is real – I love the arch of a high heel.


Soul: I play the piano, practice mindfulness, and journal. I enjoy seemingly mundane moments like finding a really good playlist, inside jokes (with you), the feeling of fresh sheets on my naked body, multiple orgasm afterglow, and a leisurely lunch. I surround myself with close friends and family and take great joy in fostering those relationships.

Can I see you for free?

I am truly flattered that you feel so strongly about me. Who doesn’t love having a mutually mind-blowing time together? 


I am a very ambitious person, which is very attractive to a lot of the people who choose to see me. Rebecca is one of the routes to achieve them. To accept dates without my due compensation is a betrayal to my goals and therefore myself. This a boundary for me. Money is not a barrier between our connection and relationship, but crossing my boundaries will be.


As wonderful as our time is when we are together, I cannot meet anyone without my rates. 


Exceptions: Jewellery items from my wishlist.

Why did you pursue this? Do you plan to leave this all behind one day?

Money. Adventure. Curiosity. Ambition. I’m too cute and sexy to be doing this for free. 


I don’t know. The only sure things in life are death and taxes. I guess you should book quickly 😉

What do you like eating/drinking?

Anything savoury, fresh, meaningful in origin and execution. I am pretty adventurous and will try most things at least once. Sashimi, tartare, caviar, Thai green curry, and all types of seafood. 


I make sex noises (and faces) when eating freshly baked bread with French butter spread on thick. Did I mention I make prime dinner company yet?


For drinks: Champagne, sake, wine, and I tend to pick non-classic cocktails if available. Sucker for wine pairings in tasting menus.

What was your childhood like?

I was living in 4 different countries across 4 continents before returning to Singapore (my birthplace) in 2009.


Growing up, I played the piano, was a competitive swimmer, fencer, and kind of a nerd with few friends (because I moved around so much). My parents were strict and conservative; I was also happy to be pushed to do my best in everything.


I attended prestigious schools across every level and graduated from a top university. I was very precocious, and my mother always commented that I was born with expensive taste and a fiercely independent spirit. She’s not wrong. 

Where are you looking forward to traveling to next?

New Zealand, Mexico, East Coast USA, Egypt, Cuba.

Do you think we’ll have chemistry?

If you like what you see online, you’ll definitely love what you get offline 🙂

Do you see couples?

Yesssss. Adding me to your play opens up avenues for exploring your relationship and experimenting with what arouses you and your partner. Please discuss your plans with your partner and let me know. 


Both parties have to screen.


Please add $300 on top of my rates. 

I’m a virgin/new to this/inexperienced - I’m nervous!

You made a great choice choosing me! I recommend booking 2h and up to get properly warmed up. Dinner dates are a hot favourite! I’m a good teacher 😉


I’ve written a guide, read it here

I’ve seen you before! Can I use you as a reference?

While I cannot in good conscience stake any part of my reputation on someone else’s behaviour and actions towards another individual, references are still a popular practice for many SWs. There have been many instances of disrespectful behaviour and fraudulent references, so this is my compromise: I will grant one reference per date, and this privilege expires after 6 months from the last date we saw each other. If you do not give me a heads up, I will also point it out to the colleague who reaches out. Note that this vouching method is a favour, not an obligation. Tips are appreciated and go a long way.

To providers: Please always check your references and make sure they are legitimate, this is for safety.

When can I see you in my city / Do you tour?

While my current job in Singapore keeps me grounded most days, I would definitely love to see a few suitors when I’m travelling for personal reasons. Please subscribe to my travelling newsletter, I see it as a confident sign of your interest, this would definitely influence where I decide to go!


Alternatively, fly me to you.

Do you have a service menu? Do you have kinks?

If a list of services is important to you, or if you ask about service acronyms, you are better off finding someone else. It’s not going to be me. 


While a large majority of the sex I have is “vanilla”, I have a slightly dominant side. I am particularly fond of body and foot worship, edging, humiliation, draining wallets and bank accounts, doling out physical punishments, and being a generally pampered spoiled princess that you simply cannot resist 🙂 Please note that I am not a pro-domme, however, I am not opposed to exploring such a relationship with established individuals. 

Do you have any Singaporean friends to recommend / do duos with?

Given that I’m rapidly climbing up the corporate ladder, it’s been a deliberate choice to not interact with anyone. Singapore is a tiny city-state and I think this sort of exposure is imprudent and indiscreet. Please note that I do not partake in any duos with other Singapore-based and/or Singaporean sex workers for the same reason. I do not recommend people that I’ve not personally met, so I have no one to recommend in Singapore besides myself. 😇

Please check out my friends pages instead!
Do you accommodate outfit requests?

Yes, within reason, but I will make the final decision. Rest assured, I am always beautifully presented for the venue and occasion.


The only requests I can definitely accommodate are activewear and/or no makeup. If there is something in particular that you would like to see me wearing, kindly procure it in advance or send me money to get it ahead of our date! My stats are on my about me page.

Do you see women?

A resounding YES! If you’re looking to explore your sexuality, I provide a welcoming, open, and safe oasis where you can experiment. For solo females, I will be providing a discount upon enquiry. 

Why haven’t I heard from you yet?

I generally don’t take longer than 72h to reply to all booking forms. Occasionally, I do miss a message or two due to the high volume of enquiries received. Please send a follow-up if you haven’t heard from me by then, and maybe check your spam folder just in case.


Alternatively, your communication may have been rude, excessive, and/or deliberately dismissive of my protocols and etiquette. I will take that as a sign of general incompatibility and move your initial enquiry to junk. My communication style is thoughtful, comprehensive, yet efficient. 

Can I see more pictures? Why is your face blurred? I want to see it!

Life is hard when you have heavily pixelated features instead of a normal human face. 🙁

I’m an aspiring escort/sugar baby/new escort on the scene! Can I ask you for advice/seek mentorship?

Please don’t! I encourage you to take advantage of the plethora of information out there. I have neither the authority nor the inclination to be a mentor. 

Why do you charge a cancellation fee for people who change their minds when they see you?

I charge a cancellation fee as opportunity costs have already been incurred. As I’ve already expended considerable efforts to portray myself accurately, the onus is now on you to make sure you make an informed decision prior to meeting.

“The person who is willing to say yes to experience is the person who discovers new frontiers.”

John Templeton
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  1. the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
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