"Manners make the man."

Respect for boundaries:

  • Hygiene and safety is a priority for both parties. I will leave immediately if I feel unsafe at any point in time during our date. 
  • Forcing/Pressuring/Misleading me to do anything that compromises my health, wellbeing, and/or privacy, I will leave immediately without refunds. Examples include secretly filming/recording me and my belongings, unsafe activities, etc.
  • If our paths happen to cross in public, please behave as if we have never met before. I respect your privacy, please respect mine. Any attempt to obtain my information, harass, or stalk me online/offline will cause me a great deal of alarm and distress. Not only is it a breach of good faith, it is also a criminal offence
  • I get tested every 2-3 months as a sexually active and responsible adult, and so should you. It takes two!

Respect for time:

  • My remuneration should be placed within full view / handed over to me 10 minutes of us meeting. If we are first meeting in public, you can hand it to me discreetly in a gift bag. 
  • I do not engage in excessive conversation outside of a booking over any medium. 
  • In the event that you have to cut our date short due to your own external circumstances, the full rate still applies. (E.g., if you booked 4 hours but have to leave after 1 hr, full rate for 4 hours still applies) 
  • Should you cancel our date upon meeting me, a cancellation fee of $150(SGD) will be incurred to cover my transport and additional costs. (Please read my cancellation/refund policies for an elaboration.)
  • Deposits are compulsory, no exceptions unless explicitly granted by me in advance. Deposits give me the security I require to schedule you in, knowing that our time together will be honoured.