Hey.... Haven't I seen you somewhere before? 

Perhaps! Check out the various interviews and press articles I've done over time! :) Discretion does not equate to silence, so I'm more than happy to interact with the press. For journalists and reporters: please read this blogpost to find out more.

Members of the press can contact me at my dedicated email address: risquerebeccamedia (at) gmail (dot) com

HerWorldSG interview

HerWorld Singapore feature - 

Singapore's No. 1 Female Magazine. Pretty crazy because I used to voraciously read this magazine, but now I'm actually featured in it! 

Read it here: http://www.herworld.com/features/secret-life-as-a-social-escort-Singapore-risque-rebecca

Yahoo! feature -

Risqué Rebecca: My Double Life as a Student Escort 

I write about spreading 24 hours between 2 identities. 

Read it here: Risqué Rebecca: My Double Life as a Student Escort


Tough Love: An Escort On Dating Her Clients

Job hazards: Fantasies about dating clients and being frank about it in an online article.

Read it here: Tough Love: An Escort On Dating Her Clients

Economics of Social Escorts

The Economics of Social Escorts

My very first interview which was seeking to provide a glimpse of the financial mechanisms that reflect how the escorting industry moves.

Read it here: The Economics of Social Escorts  

Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报) feature - 

Singapore's most prolific Chinese newspaper read nationwide. I couldn't be happier or more flattered by how the interview came out. 

26 March 2017, page 6. Click on the picture to view it in full, and click here to view the translated article in my blogpost. 

Read it online here: www.zaobao.com.sg/news/fukan/others/story20170326-740275

21, Sex Worker, and … a Feminist?

The most concise answer: yes. 

Read it here: 21, Sex Worker, and … a Feminist?

true love

Does True Love Exist? A Social Escort Responds. 

This is me responding to the notion of true love and whether I can find it as an escort. 

Read it here: Does True Love Exist? A Social Escort Responds.