Here are the beautiful people I'm thrilled to call friends and lovers!

Default total: My rate + their rate, so please exercise some due diligence!

Please note that I am also very very keen on meeting other providers that I haven't listed here, chances are I might already have interacted with them over social media!

Me and Tinashe Aura!

Me and Tinashe Aura!

By location:


Mimi V (fron Shanghai)

Evelyn Amoure (Tours Singapore frequently - available for double domination/switch sessions)

Sara Ishikawa (Tokyo-based)

Hana Maria (Tokyo-based BBW)

North America: 

Ivy Spring (Los Angeles)

Josie Qu (Chicago + NYC)

Genevieve Marceau (Montreal based + Worldwide)

Gabriella Laurence (Montreal based mature companion)

Peyton Alexander (Vancouver based + USA + Worldwide)

Tinashe Aura (Toronto + USA + tours Asia frequently)


Scarlett Beaufort (Auckland-based)

Summer Choi (Brisbane-based)


Louisa Knight (London-based professional submissive)