Nothing risqué, nothing gained.



Hello, I’m Rebecca. I am a curvy Asian brunette largely based in Singapore but occasionally available in multiple cities internationally for overnights, weekends, dinner dates and social companionship.

If you’ve landed here, there’s a more than fair chance that you’re after an extraordinary and unforgettable escape, with an elegant and well educated Singaporean companion by your side. I am a highly feminine woman full of curves and charm, oozing an easy refinement that comes naturally to me.

People often comment on my oft-present joie de vivre and adventurousness. It’s true. I have no fear of depths, and a terrible fear of shallow living. My bubbly personality radiates a positive and playful energy, and people often compliment my ability to make them feel comfortable and open around me! Sensuality and pleasure has become part of my nature. I speak on things the way I kiss: Deeply and passionately.

I have a brilliant smile, easy laugh, pillow-soft lips and skin, plus a derriere and legs to die for. An erudite and accomplished beauty, my combination of wits and looks make for exhilarating company. I have led a very interesting life gallivanting around the world(28 countries and counting!), and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Take my hand and escape with me, the only regret you’ll have is not seeing me sooner.

Age: Early 20s

Orientation: Enthusiastically bisexual

Ethnicity: Chinese with Portuguese roots

Height: 167cm (5 ft 5”)

Bust: Natural 34C

Physique: Curvy, athletic, womanly

Hair: Silky brunette, can be straight or wavy

Eyes: Softly feline, dark brown

Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Au Naturel: No tattoos or enhancements