Risqué Rebecca

Lovers and friends describe me as vivacious and energetic when they first see me. I love and laugh freely, and never seen without a cute infectious smile on my face. Equally confident with comfortable silences as well as chatting about everything and anything under the sun, you’ll find me to be stellar company. While I admit that my tastes can be sybaritic, I can promise that my demeanour is unpretentious and sincere. I stay true to myself - I have no filter except tact.

You’ll find that I’m quite the free-spirited, fun-loving bubbly, affectionate, and quirky ingénue next door, but also the sensual, pleasure-seeking, and adventurous siren. A young, accomplished Singaporean whip-smart beauty who is often found traveling the world. A keen epistemophile, I find it incredibly thrilling to be in any situation where I can learn something new. My nature has led me to pursue several passions in life, which adds to my playful geeky charm. Highly expressive and articulate, I’m highly opinionated, a force to be reckoned with. I speak on things the way I kiss: Deeply and passionately, on emotional and psychological depths.


I reject the mundane, mediocre and the superficial. I crave authentic experiences and deep connections without the complicated entanglements.


In my opinion, there is also no better time to leverage on my youth, beauty and the social graces I have been equipped with since childhood. I am a cosmopolitan woman whose maturity far exceeds her age. By the time I was 13, I lived in 4 countries in 4 different continents, and am very well on my way to traveling the entire world (Ask me about my adventures!). I am also fluent in English and Mandarin.

My elite academic background and upbringing have shaped me into a woman who exudes confidence, charisma, class, ambition and drive. Not only have I graduated from a top university, I’m also a businesswoman, frequent jetsetter, published writer (see works here) and classically trained musician. My personal interests lean towards the academic, they include (but not limited to) sociology, history, (behavioural) economics, music, current affairs, languages, and finance.

I am definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and I don't believe in crafting up personas to fit different preferences. I'm unapologetically and confidently myself, and those who truly adore me for me always come back for more. What you see is what you’ll get: smart, warm, humorous, caring, and most importantly – authentic.

our time together & my clientele

I'm a lover of intimacy, being in good company, and being good company. From black-tie events to casual days, I do it all with sophistication and savoir-faire. Indulging in this respite from work and routine as much of an escape for me as it is for you. Escapism invokes romance that is passionate, yet tender and playful at the same time. It is my sincere hope that time together feels like that for the both of us. This secret journey is one where I find myself being more open and honest than in my day to day life, and I am my happiest when I can dedicate my time and energy to those that make it worth my while.

Being the very busy lady that I am, there's absolutely no time for bad dates. The people(i.e. friends and lovers) I choose to spend time with are those who are respectful, intelligent, well traveled, well groomed, and just as discerning as I am. Kindness and generosity is key. They want the whole package of brains and beauty, and they recognise the value that I provide with my conduct, time, and companionship. “Menu-style" services are uncharacteristic of me, asking (explicitly or otherwise) will prove futile.

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On any given day, you can find me…

  • Buried nose-deep in my ever-growing book collection or catching up on my magazine subscriptions (My favourites – TIME and The Economist). Yes, I’m a true blue bibliophile!

  • Planning my next getaway, or more likely, our next trip together. (See my travel wishlist + travel companion page.)

  • Indulging my gourmand self with epicurean experiences – Good food and drink is truly an aphrodisiac in itself, and it should be shared. My favourite cuisines are Japanese and anything creatively modern. I also try to experiment in the kitchen.

  • Attending museum exhibits, classical concerts, wine tastings, or keeping up with cultural events and performances happening in my cities of interest.

  • Going down an internet rabbit hole of documentaries and articles about something I didn’t know I needed to know about.

  • Looking forward to my next date with you! 💕

Things I adore:

  • Sushi, oysters, and caviar - Fresh and expertly handled, I’m definitely a purist in this regard.

  • Libations - (Japanese)Whiskies and gins, artisanal cocktails, wines like a plummy Shiraz and Pinotage are sure to get me going, though I relish a fruity Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay as well. Champagne is always welcome. Ask me about my craft beer preferences.

  • Travel - My love for traveling well and often knows no bounds. My lifetime goal is to have traveled the world and experienced it multiple times over. ✈️

  • Classic handbags and shoes - a true weakness.

  • Freshly cut flowers - Pink peonies, cream roses, hydrangeas

  • The afterglow from a good workout.

  • Feeling freshly laundered sheets on my naked body.

  • The exhilaration of a first kiss.

  • Stimulating company that leaves one longing for more post-date.

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