Private Gallery Access

For $400/year, you can be granted password access to my curated private content. These would include exclusive and/or archived photos, anecdotes, and other exclusive bits that I choose to share. This is updated monthly. All content produced is tasteful, classy, and intimate – I’m a companion, not a porn star. This is meant to be an attractive intermediary between my public channels and seeing me face to face. 

Lifetime access for the first 50 people for this ever-developing library, all other members will have annual access. Please enquire! 🙂


Quirky Journeys

Something slightly less conventional? I mean, you're already on my site. 😉 As much as I love my Michelin-starred dinner dates and designer brands, those are not personality traits, but my quirks and curiosities are. If this makes me more unforgettable in your eyes, mission accomplished.

Will I be judged? Maybe. Do I care? No.

Visiting Haw Par Villa – Singapore’s first theme park but the theme is Chinese Hell.
Tarot and/or Aura Readings
Art jamming but we throw paint at each other in Singapore’s first splatter paint studio.
Chinatown Murder Games Tour – real life Cluedo!
Getting our palms and fortunes read
Ice cream making – cause who doesn’t like ice cream?
Perfume making – discreet souvenirs
VR Gaming – something a little different!
Indoor Skydiving
Floating Korean BBQ
Night walks when the streets are empty. I normally get spooked but with you around, I’d like it.
Board game cafes
Stargazing. Thinking of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot and the relief that we are probably all insignificant in the grand scheme of existence.
Pottery workshops and hear me secretly curse under my breath because I will probably get too impatient with the process.
Comedy Club
Floating Seafood restaurant
Creepy Haunted Tours of Singapore

PLAGIARISM (pla·gia·rism)
  1. the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
    "there were accusations of plagiarism"