Romance Me.

Much can be inferred about a man from his mistress: in her one beholds his weaknesses and his dreams.
— Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Be greeted by a bright smile and an innocent kiss on the cheek, only to reveal a cheeky, playful side once the ice is broken... Good conversation and company make for a wondrous time for the tasteful client who wants to relax, unwind and enjoy.

In line with my fondness for longer dates, my rates have also been adjusted to fit this preference.

Amounts stated above are in SGD and for Singapore only. My rates will vary from city to city as different factors come into consideration.

My rate covers only my time and companionship — external supplementary costs (dinner, hotel room, theatre tickets, plane tickets etc) will be covered by you — anything else that takes place during our time together is a result of continuous, consenting choice between adults of legal age and is not to be construed as a contractual obligation. My rates are non-negotiable.

 I also accept foreign currencies and credit card payments(CC payments are paid in advance) - note that these forms of payment come with a 5% commission rate, which I will calculate for you. 

I only do outcalls to 4/5 star luxury hotels.

I have limited incall availability throughout the year - please click here to find out more.  Outcall rates and incall rates are the same.

Trios and more:

Here are some of my friends that would love to join us(subject to their own availability - do your homework by checking out their site)! Please feel free to recommend me other providers that you feel would be a welcome addition! The default total would be my rate + his/her/their rate.