Private Gallery Access

For $400/year, you can be granted password access to my curated private content. These would include exclusive and/or archived photos, anecdotes, and other exclusive bits that I choose to share. This is updated monthly. All content produced is tasteful, classy, and intimate – I’m a companion, not a porn star. This is meant to be an attractive intermediary between my public channels and seeing me face to face. 

Lifetime access for the first 50 people for this ever-developing library, all other members will have annual access. Please enquire! 🙂


Romance Me.

 “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”


The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

I focus on creating genuine connection, exploring chemistry, and deepening relationships (repeat dates!!) with the handful I choose to meet with. Mutual seduction and romance is key! You can have me by the hour, evening, day, weekend, or however long you please. I recommend at least 2 hours if we are meeting for the first time, but my personal favourites are dinner dates and overnights.

My ideal suitor understands that my comfort and happiness is positively correlated to the quality of companionship that I provide. A happy Rebecca = a happier you. If you are generous, fun, and respectful with me and my time, it does not go unnoticed. 

Please note that my rates are for my exquisite companionship and time only. All other incidentals (tickets, meals, accommodations, etc) are to be covered by you.

Persnickety details:

Outcalls: I do not maintain a permanent hosting space, and prefer meeting at a 4/5 star hotel or your private residence (subject to additional screening). I’m happy to arrange for a hotel (with reimbursement) for the both of us outside of my own hosting dates should the need arise.

See me at mine: I host several times a year, in luxurious and discreet accommodations. Priority is given to regulars and people who have pre-screened, followed by newsletter subscribers. These dates are in very high demand, I am usually booked out even before dates are released publicly. I strongly recommend subscribing and securing a date as early as possible.

For couples: Please add $300 to all rates. 

For solo females: 10% discount. I encourage you to explore your sexuality with someone who loves women too. You can read my female client’s review here.

Short & Sweet

1 Hour ⋯ $900

This option is only available during incall hosting sessions, for returning lovers!

1.5 Hours ⋯ $1100

For the time-strapped. Minimum outcall date duration for returning lovers.

2 Hours ⋯ $1300

This is the absolute minimum for first-time clients and couples! 🙂

3 Hours ⋯ $1700

Preferred Introduction | One of my favourite first dates, where we get to relax, and take our time to know each other better. Drinks and then to mine or yours? I do love a slow but steamy (hint: public to private!) buildup.

In-person extensions: 1h ⋯ $500

If you’d like to spontaneously extend our time together, I would be more than thrilled to keep a good connection going!

A little longer...

There’s a certain laissez-faire attitude I adopt with longer dates – I don’t mandate x hours of sleep, personal time, or time spent doing public activities. I expect the same attitude of the suitors who opt for this option. Extended dates are for us to share a meal or experience and get lost in each other. 

Dinner Date ~4-5 Hours ⋯ $2000

Available dinner, lunch, or breakfast. My most popular date option, for good reason! I’m a massive foodie, and I come with excellent recommendations.

Full Day ~8-9 Hours ⋯ $3300

There’s a luxury in long lunches I simply adore. Think of me as your sexy tour guide with benefits.

Overnight ~15 Hours ⋯ $4000

Dinner and breakfast! I look adorable with bedhead and no makeup, just saying. This is a carefree romantic evening done right.

Day & Night ~24 Hours ⋯ $5000

If you want to enjoy a full day and night of decadence, this is the option to pick!

Weekend ~48 hours ⋯ $8000

Let’s create a weekend to remember! I love playing concierge.

In-person extension: 1 Day ⋯ +$4000

Can’t bear to see me leave?

For all other unlisted durations, please enquire! Vacations, business accompaniment, event +1, let’s discuss. No option is off the table. 

“The person who is willing to say yes to experience is the person who discovers new frontiers.”

John Templeton
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