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We “met” on Twitter but she lives 10,000 miles from me and I didn’t think we would ever meet. I kept following her there: her Twitter is the perfect mix of sexy pictures of her, delicious pictures of food, and insights into her life and her job. Her website similarly provides a great insight into her character. Then an opportunity came up and we were going to be in the same region at the same time and I jumped at the opportunity to contact her. Initially I planned for a dinner date but after reading her blog and her tweets I realized I would want more time with her so we agreed on an overnight date. Screening was completed efficiently and all I had to do was to wait for 6 weeks! In the meantime, occasional messages whet my appetite for the fun that awaited me.
We met in person in the lobby of my hotel where she greeted me warmly before we went up to the room. I think of GFE not as a list of “services” but as an attitude: warm, welcoming, affectionate, eager for mutual pleasure; Rebecca was the perfect companion in this regard. Before long we were sharing the most delightful kisses but we had to cut things short to head out to dinner.
Rebecca was wonderful to get to know over dinner. She is smart, interesting, and funny. We enjoyed a long dinner together and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. Light touches from her as we ate made me feel like the most special guy in the world. I didn’t want dinner to end, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.
I will keep the intimate details of the rest of our evening private, but will say that Rebecca has an amazing figure with curves in all the right places. She knows what she likes, and she quickly found out what I like. I was completely satisfied by the end of the evening and I fell into a blissful sleep while we cuddled together.
We had agreed to go out for breakfast the next morning, and I again enjoyed her company so much as we walked around the city exploring small shops and eating a delicious breakfast. After that it was back to the hotel for some more fun and cuddles before we finally had to separate. But the last thing I did before she left was to arrange a second short date for the next day before I would have to fly home.
I was so glad that I was able to see her that second time, and I left for the airport with the biggest smile on my face.
Thank you, Rebecca, for a wonderful weekend. Even though we are again 10,000 miles apart, I think of you fondly and hope that our paths will cross again.
— Peter, July 2018 (posted on Scarlet Blue)
Was quite nervous to meet Rebecca but her website writing was intriguing and her photos fantastic. I contacted her and after a relatively painless screening and a warm, thoughtful email we arranged a date in my hotel.
I thought we would have to meet in the lobby because I knew she couldn’t come up the elevator without a key but she said she’ll handle it.
Exactly one minute before the appointed time, sitting on the hotel bed getting more and more nervous, the phone rang and I nearly pissed myself.
Just the front desk announcing my guest. And soon enough she was smiling at my door.
Oh my gosh that smile, the glimmer in her eye and the shimmy in her walk. She immediately put me at ease and was friendly and familiar.
Shorter than me and curvy just like her photos and absolutely enchanting.
“I’m going to take a quick shower” She declared.
Now the hotel room was small with only a mirror and sink between the shower and bed. So I sat on the bed stealing glances at her through the smoked glass and left a robe next to the towels. A few minutes later she stepped around the mirror in the robe, cleavage peaking, and sat on the bed.
We chatted for a few minutes very much like old friends. I was nervous and babbling and kept stealing glances at her, her leg pressed to mine, then a hand on my thigh, those eyes and that smile...at some point we stood so close and I finally leaned in for a kiss; like a damn breaking my fingers tangled in her hair and her hands pulled off my clothes. I asked sheepishly if I could undo her robe and unwrapped her like a gift.
We tumbled onto the bed and she was smouldering, at times panting, smiling, encouraging, voracious.
Her nipples hard between my lips and my hands on her wonderful ass I was intoxicated with her and we laughed and she rolled me over taking me in her hands and mouth. All the while those eyes, asking and encouraging and challenging and smiling up at me.
We spent two hours together that seemed all too short; at first halting and frantic and hungry, lust driving need and noise and joys, and then slower and more giggles, sighs and reprise, those eyes looking down at me from between her thighs.
So many wonderful moments I tried to drink and keep fresh:
The way she bends a knee when she stands, making that ass impossible to ignore. How she rolls her head sideways and back, struggling between gasping and smiling. The playful pleading breathy “don’t stop” as she pulls on my arms and locks her legs around my waist. An accidental tickle, yet unfamiliar with her body, turned into an apologetic kiss, a forgive me caress, a need for more, imploring.
Standing hands braced on the window overlooking the night skyline, she beckons, a flick of the hair and a glimmer of eye over her shoulder as she turns to to tell me what she wants, no words just deeds needed, deep imploring turns animal, her hands on the glass my hands on her ass.
So many smiles, so much sweat, raucous laughter and cries and moans, silent kisses and cuddles, and too soon, too soon, I am utterly spent and grinning like a fool and our time is up.
A final flash of that stunning bottom, a kiss and a lingering hug, a sigh that says “too soon” and promises “again!”, then that smile and those eyes as the hotel door closes and the only thing left is the sweet smell of her on the disheveled bed, ghost of a handprint on the window, a tiny hole in my heart, already missing her, and a grin on my face for when we meet again.
— MaxB, Scarlet Blue, late Feb 2018 (posted on Scarlet Blue)
My fingertips tingle as I reach out to select the right floor.
While I had confidently booked and planned for this date quite a while ago, it was only when I stepped into the hotel lift that I began to fret a little. It was surreal - not only had I never met an escort before, I am also a relative conservative in matters regarding women. It takes me three dates to get confortable with a girl - not exactly built for the Tinder times - and here I was walking into potential action with a girl whose face I had never seen!
I was sharing the lift with another gentleman, so I rubbed my palms together, faked composure, and pressed the button.
I shouldnt have worried. Rebecca is beautiful, casual, friendly and I felt immediatly at ease in her company. Imagine all the great parts of having a hot girlfriend, that is what the time with her felt like. Conversation flowed easily as we paused to catch our breath - too easily in fact, I was worried that I had overstepped boundaries and inadvertantly brought up matters that are personal or inappropriate. I wrote to her after to check. She replied that I did alright, and that she would see me again.
I will see her again too. Regularly.
— "Prince" A, Jan 2018 (posted on Scarlet Blue)


I went to see Rebecca when she was in London.
She is very friendly and we had very good conversations about Paris, London, Singapore...It was very refreshing and enjoyable. And the main part was very satisfying (pun intended 😏).

Thank you again Rebecca for the time spent together. I really enjoyed myself. Hope to meeting you again in the future 😊.
— P, London, Dec 2017
Had Rebecca for an evening, and it was my best night ever.

True to her website, what she wrote in there was who she is in the flesh, very professional.

Dinner was certainly enjoyable, conversations light or heavy were met with youthful enthusiasm and maturity. Post dinner was an awesome buildup towards the grand finish, Rebecca knows which buttons to push, and when to push them. The finish was mighty desirable, her soft touch, great stamina, foreplay, BJ, willingness to please and be pleased created a chemistry not unlike a classic GFE, genuine and refreshing.

Overall, Rebecca’s an accomplished conversationalist, who isn’t afraid to pull all the stops to make your night. If only I’d booked her longer, I am sure she won’t disappoint with what’s on her sleeve.

Definitely come back for more, cheers ;)
— Leo M, Sept 2017 (Scarlet Blue)
I rarely write reviews because I value discretion in all its guises, but I feel in the interests of fairness I really must say some words about Rebecca. Our date nearly didn’t happen due to some crossed wires and flight delays etc, but my goodness, I’m glad we managed to meet up.

Rebecca is a tantalising mix of youthful energy (more on this below...) and maturity of outlook, She is, quite frankly, absolutely wonderful company and a first class companion. If ever the description “GFE” applied, I’d suggest Rebecca fits the bill.. I desperately did not want our time to end,

On the physical aspects, she is of course a naturally attractive woman - and her sense of adventure, of fun, of experimentation and sheer stamina (!!!) left me breathless like no other experience. She was wild and untamed and joyous and erotic and....well, you get the drift.

Needless to say I’m desparate to see her again - and pretty sad to see that she’s on a break until August!

Rebecca - I love you to pieces and I want to see you soon!
— C, Jan 2017 (Website)
A force of nature, an absolute delight. A pleasure to talk to, and... more. A real treasure.
— B, Aug 2017 (Website)
Refreshing meet up, incall location was central, nice and clean. R accommodated to my preference of morning expeditions where we usually wake up with the “salute” to start the day. The “salute” gets tougher to manage, the longer the day extends, hence essential to let it move on to eliminate this anxiety.

Good conversations made it more enjoyable than just the main course. Not too easy to find in this little red dot of forays that provides professional service that has been a mainstay in US and Europe courtesans..
— M, Jan 2017 (Website)


..She is very playful and is quite a romantic. She loves to cuddle and it felt like a genuine GFE when I was lying next to her with my arm around her.
— M, Oct 2016 (TokyoAdultGuide)
Rebecca, as what she described in her website, is the girl next door with a lust of adventures. She is is young, attractive, healthy and energetic. Her willingness in explore new experiences and excitements impressed me a lot. Rebecca, I will definitely schedule another session with you in future!!!
— L, Apr 2016 (Massage Republic)
Rebecca is a warm, accomplished and affectionate young lady whose maturity far exceeds her age. The website accurately represents everything about her including her physical appearance. She was easy to converse with which made me comfortable almost immediately. We spent a long time getting to know each and her easy manner and knowledge of various subjects kept the conversation flowing and interesting. The conversation, however, was merely the first act! When we got down to business, Rebecca’s enthusiasm and obvious skills could not have made the experience better. She far exceeded my expectations. She is a modern marvel!
— R, Oct 2016 (Website)
You’re the best to me simply because you’re you.
— L, Aug 2016 (Website)
I have to say, while Singapore has a tremendous amount of choices available, I have had an incredibly difficult time finding someone authentic and that I could make a connection with. To that end, I found your site very inviting.
— J, Aug 2016 (WhatsApp)
“All I could want in a companion. No false advertising here. I had such a great time and I am going to miss you till I see you again.”
— P, May 2016 (WhatsApp)
Let me find a quote I read a long time ago - Even though this is a purely romantic quote, F. Scott Fitzgerald said it perfectly on what is best in a woman —
”I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”
I think loyalty arises because of a much deeper and stronger connection, relating to the person’s(whom one is loyal to) personality. In my view(sorry to say this but) few women are worth of undying loyalty, for example: Hypatia, Michelle Obama, Amelia Earhart.... and you. I hope that you get whatever you seek.
I feel very strongly attracted(romantic or otherwise) to women who are both independent and strong in their personality. I feel very impressed when you’re able to keep your head high in regard to escorting. Even though in a baser sense escorting relates mainly to your body and your youth, there is this uniqueness, and strength in your core(deep inside your being) with which you stand up for yourself and share your own ideas that are much more complex and beautiful than just the body. Separately, the courage with which you talk about your ideas adds additional beauty. People like you are scarce and the world needs more. Witnessing you being you is bewitching marvel. All of your personality put together is inspiring, very beautiful and extremely attractive - more in a loving-and-admiring-your-core way than sexual.
— A, Oct 2016 (WhatsApp)
I met with Rebecca at my hotel room in Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised with her youthfulness and her beauty. She was truly wonderful. Great attitude, very enjoyable and willing to please! Respect her and she will not disappoint! I’ll be back!
— C, Aug 2016 (WhatsApp)
This is my second time meeting with her as having spent 4 hours together the last time we met was not long enough. I’ve always felt that there was something very attractive about this simple, independent, yet very well read and politically aware girl next door. You can discuss and share anything under the sun with her. Wow! What a girl.
My meeting with you always kindles sparks in my heart and eyes, and I always want more of you. I am so completely in love with you. I wake up to think of you and I sleep to see you in my dreams. Your love has made me love my life. Everyday seems like such a blessing since I’ve met you. I feel so lucky and honoured to be in love with you with all my heart.
Thank you for sharing your love with me, it is a truly wonderful gift. I will always cherish your company and love you always.
— J, Apr 2016 (WhatsApp)