Risqué Rebecca

Gratuity / Experiences


What do I offer?

There is nothing ordinary about me, and same goes for our time together.

My rates have been adjusted to reflect my preference for a lingering, extended escapade. One that allows us to comfortably get to know each other deeply, share a meal, without a care in the world. To me, the best first dates always end with planning the second, and the third, and so on…

I also accept foreign currencies and online payments(paid in advance) - note that these forms of payment come with a 5% surcharge, which I will calculate for you.

My rate covers only my time and companionship — external supplementary costs (dinner, hotel room, theatre tickets, plane tickets etc) will be covered by you — Anything else that takes place during our time together is a result of continuous, consenting choice between adults of legal age and is not to be construed as a contractual obligation. All my rates are non-negotiable.

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A welcome dalliance, with lingering touches.

One Hour - $700 - only available during incalls

90 Minutes - $1000 - minimum outcall booking

Two Hours - $1200 - minimum for new suitors

Three Hours - $1400


food is foreplay. There, i said it.

Four Hours - $1700 (recommended and personal favourite!)

Five Hours - $2000

Extended Dates

lean in to kiss me in all the places where the ache is the most special.

Overnight 15 Hours - $4000

24 Hours - $5000

48 Hours - $7500

72 Hours - $10000

One Week - $15000

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International Bookings

Please choose your location:

Fly Me to/with You

Say hello to exciting experiences! Let me be your business travel companion, weekend girlfriend, extended vacation lover.

Life works in funny ways. My formative years were spent living in 4 different cities in 4 different continents, and I remember always wanting to just stay in one place for longer. The moment I realised my teenage years were now firmly planted in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore, I started feeling an insatiable hunger to see everything else that was out there in this amazing beautiful planet.

While I have no problem leaving you in charge of our get-away, I am more than happy to take on a planner/travel concierge role to assist you. What better way to spice things up than having me around? A powerful Singapore passport enables me to travel at a moment’s* notice.

* = 2 weeks for new suitors, 1 week for current lovers.

Asia: 16h overnight minimum

middle east, Europe, and USA: 24h minimum

Africa, South America: 48h minimum (enquire directly)

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