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Singapore escort reviews 

Here are some lovely words that have been said about me. I’m a fan of classy, tasteful, and discreet reviews. You can write some words of appreciation on my Scarlet Blue page. All I ask is that you do not write anything identifying about me, or any acts that occur.

It isn’t my first time seeing companions, but Rebecca is truly in a league of her own and I’m kicking myself for not seeing her sooner.
Scarlet Blue
May 2021

Through her writing, it made me realise that she possessed a level of depth which is rare in this industry. I immediately booked an extended dinner date (5h with her) as I knew my usual 1-2h was not going to be enough.

Rebecca’s poise and confidence radiated through like the mid afternoon sunshine…
Scarlet Blue
February 2021

Deeply engaging every of our senses to make lovely memories, the journey into the deepest, darkest reaches of our psyche was made possible by her unbridled enthusiasm and mastery of the art of seduction. The perfect combination of physical and emotional intimacy that had been built up over time peaked in a series of climaxes and afterglows.

I met Rebecca last year and so this is a review of the multiple meetings we have had.
Scarlet Blue
February 2021

Quite frankly she’s addictive. She always arrives well presented, dressed in a stunning one of many dresses she owns, to compliment her amazing figure. She is personable and friendly, and quickly makes you feel relaxed. Her energy is infectious and sexually she is fabulous…

I identify as a bicurious woman…
Scarlet Blue
September 2019

… and for a very long time, I’ve wanted a lesbian experience with another woman. Not that I didn’t try but I honestly had no idea where to begin or how to even go about looking for another like-minded woman who would be willing to experiment with me.

Had a chance to meet this gorgeous lady a couple of days ago.
Massage Republic
May 2019

She’s a beautiful person and a great conversationalist. She was very understanding with the planning phase which went on for almost a week. Was finally able to meet her and let me tell you, no words can describe my experience with her. She creates a whole new description of GFE…

I had a 1.5h date with Rebecca. Top notch service.
Scarlet Blue
May 2019

The initial contact was very smooth. She arrived at my hotel on time in casual clothing. She was very friendly and as is described by many and herself, she has a curvy body. In our email conversations I mentioned that I’d like to take things slow…

This review is long overdue as we met in November, but trust me, the memory of my time with Rebecca is still constantly on my mind.
Scarlet Blue
December 2018

The most concise answer: yes.

Chanced upon Rebecca on Twitter, and decided to give it a shot.
Massage Republic
August 2018

She was responsive and professional, and also accommodating with my schedule. Spent a lovely afternoon and morning with her, and she is even more divine than you first imagined. She was engaging, charming, and of course beautiful…

“The person who is willing to say yes to experience is the person who discovers new frontiers.”

John Templeton
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