All gifts will be welcomed graciously and enthusiastically. Please do not feel obliged to buy me anything. This is just inspiration for those who do want to show their appreciation in a tangible way.


One of my favourite qualities that I admire in others is their generosity. Before you scroll past this, I would strongly encourage you to read my blog post

Charity:water campaign [September/October 2016]

I donate a significant amount of funds to these organisations ever year in my personal name, and it would mean a lot to me if you would join me in making a tribute to them as well. 

♥ Adorn Me ♥

If you'd like to dress me up, here are my top picks. Taking me shopping is an even better idea!

Lingerie ♥

  • La Perla: 34C Top and Size 3 Bottom
  • Agent Provocateur: 34C Top and Size 4 Bottom
  • I.D. Sarrieri: 75C Top and Medium Bottom

Handbags and Accessories ♥

  • Céline: I've been eyeing this and this for a long time!
  • Gucci: I'd love this beauty.
  • Classy white gold/rose gold jewelry

Shoes ♥ Size EU41

♥ Digital Kisses ♥

If you like what I create or if you like our interactions, or you just feel like doing something nice for me to make me blush, send me a little something!

♥ Gift Me ♥

You can never go wrong with these!

Food and Drink:

  • Oysters + Caviar
  • Tea from T2, Gryphon, and TWG.
  • Single malts + Gins
  • A lovely Pinot Grigio/Merlot/Shiraz/Chardonnay
  • Chocolates from Janice Wong
  • Japanese fruits


  • E-books on tech/economics/finance/sociology/current affairs.

I also occasionally post specific pictures of things I'd like on my Twitter account.

♥ Experience with me ♥

A good life is one full of happy, unique moments. A great life happens when those memories are shared.

Take me with you on an adventure - Hikes, tropical holidays, skiing, culinary classes, wine tours, winter holidays, sporting events, museum tours, and so much more. Incredible bespoke experiences are what I truly love, and I will happily give you a very favourable rate if you can provide some sort of spectacular activity that you feel is up my alley.