All gifts will be welcomed graciously and enthusiastically. Never required, but always adored and appreciated. This is just inspiration for those who do want to show their appreciation in a tangible way.


One of my favourite qualities that I admire in others is generosity. Before you scroll past this, I would strongly encourage you to read my blog post

Charity:water campaign [September/October 2016]

I donate a significant amount of funds to these organisations ever year in my personal name, and it would mean a lot to me if you would join me in making a tribute to them as well. 

♥ Digital Kisses ♥

♥ Adorn Me ♥

If you'd like to dress me up, here are my top picks. Taking me shopping is an even better idea!

Lingerie ♥ - Ask me privately. Lingerie designs and sizes are finicky!

Handbags and Accessories ♥

  • Céline: I've been eyeing this and this for a long time!

  • Louis Vuitton: Doesn’t this suit me?

  • Classy white gold/rose gold jewelry

♥ Gift Me ♥

Food and Drink:

  • Any type of tea from T2, Gryphon, and TWG.

  • Cheese + Charcuterie — I have a very savoury tooth!

  • Single malts + Gins

  • A lovely Pinot Grigio/Merlot/Shiraz/Chardonnay

  • Japanese fruits


  • E-books on tech/economics/finance/sociology/current affairs.

I also occasionally post specific pictures of things I'd like on my Twitter account.

♥ Experience with me ♥

A good life is one full of happy, unique moments. A great life happens when those memories are shared.

Take me with you on an adventure - Hikes, tropical holidays, skiing, culinary classes, wine tours, winter holidays, sporting events, museum tours, and so much more. Incredible, unforgettable, bespoke experiences are what I truly love, and I will happily give you a very favourable rate if you can provide some sort of spectacular activity that you feel is up my alley.